The complete solution for managing a company's projects and resources.

elapseit is chock-full of features that make your life easier. If you’re the owner of a small or large company, a project manager, a financial officer or just a regular employee, elapseit has you covered.
From fine tuning tasks assignment to managing the time-off of your employees, from reviewing the performance of specific roles in your projects to planning the activity of your entire staff, from sharing your documents across the team to checking up on the finances of your company, elapseit does it all.
And it does it in an easy to understand and user friendly fashion.

An all purpose solution

Your entire company in one tool

elapseit allows you to have a bird's eye view of your entire company. From the hours every employee or consultant spends on each project to the hours you bill your clients to managing the time off requests of everyone in your company, elapseit does it all. And it covers all these aspect of your company's activity in an easy-to-understand manner, using a slick interface that is optimised to give you the information you need without spending lots of time shifting through needless graphs or compiling data in an excel file.

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We are excited to bring you the most complete solution for managing a company’s resources. Be it a five-man start-up company or a corporation with thousands of employees, elapseit can accommodate as many users as you need. With a smart, scalable resource system and a comprehensive set of access roles you can customise which tools are accessible to each of your employees and make sure that everyone is as productive as possible to ensure your company’s success in an ever more competitive global market.

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